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About Us

With international connections, SELTEL SRO effectively buys and sells electronic, mobile and IT devices at today’s most competitive rates. As a result we track change when it happens and adjust our business accordingly. We’re pretty flexible for a tech-y company. If we have to, we’ll do the splits to get you what you need.

We have fostered excellent relationships with our network of suppliers. This policy has enabled us to keep the cutting edge on our competitors by providing efficient delivery of the very latest products.

SELTEL prides itself on its high quality and consistent level of customer service, a company that is always willing to go the extra mile and put a little extra effort in-order to obtain complete customer satisfaction. SELTEL provides all customers with a broad range of mobile phones and tablets. All our brand new phones are SIM free and supplied with completely original packaging and accessories. We buy all our stocks from reputable and trustworthy suppliers, which have all gone through our company and legal formality checks, and we at SELTEL also commit to our regular quality control check to ensure each phone meets our stringent requirements.

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